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Are the days of successful email marketing over?⁣

Just like any content platform, if your content is not engaging, informative, and valuable to your audience it will flop. Start off by asking yourself what YOU like to see in an email.⁣ Helpful tips? News or stories that are original? Videos? Links to social, websites, blogs?⁣ Use your email marketing as a springboard for your other channels. It's a great way to get people introduced to your brand.⁣ Never try to oversell or do too much within an email campaign. Keep it simple and effective. When surveyed, consumers said they hated being "sold to" the most when reading emails.⁣ It's not easy! One of our email templates takes about five man-hours to complete. It's very similar work to building a webpage. However, done correctly and in a modern way, email marketing can be a gamechanger for your brand.

*Pro tip* When creating HTML style emails you can also host that HTML code on your website as a mobile landing page. Great for SMS (Text Message) campaigns. Simply just link the landing page in your text message blast!

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