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The FIVE levels of prospect awareness! GO!⁣

1. Completely Unaware: The potential customer has no clue about your product or that they need it. HOW TO COMBAT: Run advertisements and set your KPI to REACH as many targeted people as possible. This gets not only your product/service out there, but also your brand.⁣

2. Problem Aware: The consumer knows they have a problem, but they don't know of a solution or where to find it. HOW TO COMBAT: Boost your SEM! Search engine marketing is a powerful way to put yourself at the top of the list when people are searching for a product or service!⁣

3. Solution Aware: The problem is evident and there are known solutions to it, but which solution is best? HOW TO COMBAT: This is where branding comes in! The best brands defeat competition with three things; Continuity, Proven Results, and Happy Customers.⁣

4. Product Aware: They know you and they know your product, but they just won't pull the trigger. HOW TO COMBAT: This is where the "offer" might come in. Maybe they just need a little "nudge". Be creative and figure out an incentive that will help them decide.⁣

5. Most Aware: These are people who know exactly what they're looking for and maybe have purchased from you before. HOW TO COMBAT: To keep these customers coming back or to sway them away from your competition you have to be on your "A" game. You have to market yourself as if nobody in the world can compete with what you have to offer. How? It's not easy. You have to pound home your differentiators, deliver through your testimonials, and above all GROOM the relationship you have with each individual customer.⁣

This all sounds like a giant task, and it is. The key is being smart to locate WHO is in WHICH stage and HOW you can DELIVER a MESSAGE specific to EACH person in their current state. ⁣

That's where a professional marketing team comes into action! Don't settle for guesswork or marketing that little time is devoted to. This is your business, this is your livelihood! ⁣

Get someone who knows what they're doing. Someone who can deliver on these five levels over and over again!⁣

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